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S O M E  S T U F F  I N  E N G L I S H 
About me

I qualified as an architect at the University of Cape Town. I have always had my own art projects parallel to working as an architect.  In 1994, I made my first etching on copper, and have been fascinated by printmaking ever since. In 2015 I took part in an exhibition at Bogstad gård. I work continually with different printmaking techniques.

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What we do

Mixed media (10 classes) (Kreativ moro) from age 7-12. We experiment with  mono- and lino printing, making our own paper, trying out watercolours, making nice stuff out of recycled materials, making mobiles and much more. 

Printmaking (10 classes). (Printmaking for ungdom) This class is for slightly older children (age 13+), and is an introduction to various printmaking techniques such as dry point etching and collographs, as well as mono- and lino printing. We also learn about different papers and inks, and how to use a printing press. No previous experience is necessary for any of the classes, perhaps just a healthy dose of curiosity! More info here.

Woodcut / linocut / etching / collograph courses for adults consist of 6 sessions where we learn the basics about each technique. Morning and evening classes, see the details here.

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Åpent verksted (the open workshop)

We offer classes and workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Although I do alot of printmaking, I don't specialize in any one technique, but rather work with a range of projects so participants can have many different experiences before perhaps choosing a more specialized class. The focus is on guiding each person to achieve what they set out to do, at exactly the pace that is right for them.

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Tailormade parties and workshops

You can celebrate children's or adults birthdays here, or get together a group of friends and spend a pleasant afternoon or evening doing a fun project. We also run external workshops for different institutions and companies. Contact us and we can design a program together that suits your needs. More info here.


There are also lots of different workshops to choose from - these focus on a specific project and run from about 3 hours to a day, depending on the project. Click here for a short english description of each workshop. If you don't find what you're looking for,  do send me a mail!

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there is loads of information on these pages - give me a call or send me a mail with your query, or just to say hi!

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