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Quarantine Art pack!

Like many small businesses, Åpent verksted is currently closed - but we have been super busy and have put together a "Quarantine Art pack", for children (and curious adults...)

The package contains all the material and instructions you need to create great art projects. The projects can be done alone by children from 9 years and older, and, with the help of an adult, children as young as 6 year old can also make them! You can choose between making an Easter egg inspired by the artist Henri Matisse, a Sucker stick (popsicle) fish, a Printing stamp (A tote bag and paper are included in this pack), or a Monster. New projects are being added continuously.

Each Art pack costs NOK 150 and can be ordered by sending an email to: emma (at) If you purchase three or more Art packs, they can be delivered free of charge (within reasonable distance from Røa) right to your door! For every tenth Art pack sold, one is made up for the children at Hobøl asylum seekers centre. The Art packs can be picked up outside the workshop at Røa.

NB Åpent verksted was closed to the public on March 12. We follow the guidelines of the Public Health Institute and with regards to infection control, with social distancing, keeping of surfaces regularly cleaned and careful hand hygiene.

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